Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So 7 years we have been happily married and still going strong. i feel closer to my husband now then i did when we got married. what is strang to me is that i know a lot more about dusty now than i did when we got married its kinda scarey. lol but i feel very fortunate to have him as my husband we are very compatable. i feel like we balance each other very well. it just seems we grow each year we are together and i am so glad that i have him. i can not complain he really is great. thanks for the great 7 years together, hope there are many more to come. we celebrated by going to dinner at the timbermine and then we went to a movie and up to wolf creek. my parents were so kind to keep our kids. that was very nice of them. so thanks mom and dad for letting us have a grown up night it was a blast.


Kiera said...

You look so pretty!!

Jami said...

Too cute!! We need to go have a drink!