Sunday, June 1, 2008

so gage is 4 years old i cant believe how fast the 4 years has gone. i never thought i would see this day come so fast. he has been such a blessing and i am so stund at how big he has gotten so fast. he is the light of my life and i love him so much. even though he is only 4 he sure has tought me a lot. lets start with patients :) love, compassion and understanding. hell he has even tought me things that i didn't even know. he is such an intelligent little guy far beyond his years. i have enjoyed so much watching him grow but some how feel a little robbed at the same time because 4 years is gone in a blink of an eye. i just think of how fast the next four years will come. so i am trying to enjoy every day and take it all in i want to remember every little thing about him. i think it is so great to just watch him discover new things every day kids are great have you ever watched their eye's light up with the simplest things like a air plane or a lady bug have you ever watched them study something new and just see the wheels turning? i love it. if only we could all stay so innocent the world would be a much different place. anyways gage has been such a great little boy and i feel so lucky to be his mom and even a part of his life. i hope he had a great birthday. he was so spoiled we had his first friend party at toads and it was crazy but they all had fun.dax we missed ya buddie. but it was a great time. then the next day we had a lower key party at our house with my family and he was spoiled that day too. he has had one busy weekend and now its over. so we say good bye to another year i just want all of you who came and supported us we really appreciate it and all you did for gage. we have such awesome people in our lives and we cherish the friendships that we have. thanks again we hope you all had a great time as well. i posted his b-day pics below watch out there is a ton i had to make 2 slides have fun looking at the pics