Monday, October 13, 2008

so gage has started preschool it was a big adjustment for him he cried for about the first week but he loves it now he goes with dax and they are best buds! he is growing like a weed too he loves to play outside and is just a little wild man he is doing great in school and is still enjoying being a big brother he has decided to be batman for halloween and is very excited to get candy.

so here is an update on brycen: he has been doing really well, he is just over 20 pds wow i know I'm starving him. lol he is sitting and so close to crawling he kinda goes backwards and it makes him so mad that he cant get anywhere. he is such a happy baby smiles all the time but I'm sure any day now he will be on the go he is almost 8 months and i cant believe it times just goes so fast. he is going to be a monkey for Halloween so we will for sure get the pics of that it will be fun

so we went to the circus and it was a blast even brysen loved it. i have never ben befor but i would love to go again.

ok we all know how i have been slacking life has been crazy! we have done so much i guess since i have posted. we went on another trip to island park and the dunes in sept it was great we went with my family the weather sucked though it rained a lot but it was nice to just get away. it was an adventurous trip we had a lot going on: such as me and dusty ran out of gas on the way there but did end up coasting to the gas station thank goodness cause we had a trailer on that would have been fun NOT! then Dusty's chain flew off his bike and broke the casing on his engine. then my dad's transmition blew up and we ended up having to leave one of our trailers at the cabin and towing my dads truck home and the tire on the trailer towing my dads truck blew so it was packed with adventure for sure but it really was fun.

Island park

my little gage isnt so little anymore

We took my gma fran out to dinner to iggy's it was really was our first outing without my grandpa:(

feeding Brycen

gage with gma & gpa

at the dino park

getting ready to go to his first day of school

Gage at his first day

Gage after school