Saturday, November 29, 2008

for all you people who dont know i have started to sell scentsy. it is a really cool product and people love it! they make really great christmas gifts and are affordable so if you want to check it out you can look at the stuff on let me know if you need anything thanks

Monday, November 10, 2008

So for all of you who don't know i have been working really hard to lose some much needed weight. a while ago i went through some health issues and was gaining weight and didn't know why we found out later that i had a tumor the size of a golf ball on my thyroid so i had to have it removed later they told me i had thyroid cancer and were confident that they had removed all the cancer. to hear that word is pretty scary. but that was some of the cause for my weight gain i wont say it was all but some so anyways i am 100 percent recovered and have never felt better. i had no idea thyroid controlled so much. women should all have their's tested i had the lump in my throat for probably 2 years that i know of and it was never detected so it is important to have it checked every once in a while. back to the point i have worked my butt off and have lost 40 pounds in about 4 months i have lost a total of 16 inches so far, these are my most recent pics. its kind of embarrassing now to see where i was but i just look at how far i have come. i still would like to loose about 10- 15 more but its a lot of work ill try to keep you updated. sorry about the pic where my head is cute off. ha ha

Here are some of our pics when we went to the utes game it was so much fun and a great game. it was cold but not if you moved around which i did! me,dusty,kael and emily his brother and wife went. there was snow under our chairs. after the game we were going to ride tracks but so was every body else so we walked from the stadium to main street i know we are crazy but it was fun.

Monday, November 3, 2008

the treats me and gage made for his school treat and his little class all dressed up

here are the boys in their costumes

so we have had many projects this summer a few that we did was poured a patio in the front under our bay window i am going to put a swing there so i can watch the kids play and the other was we built an awning on the back of our house which will be awsome it will give us some shade.