Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

so my little gage turned 5 i cant believe it time sure does go by fast. i put some pics of him from when he was little. just so i could remember what he was like. he has been so much fun. the light of my life he is such a blessing and so much fun to be around. he is little adult.sometimes i forget how small he still really is because he talks so grown up. but happy birthday Gage we love you so much and hope you had a great day.Hope you all have fun looking at the pictures i have posted.sorry it took so long but a ton i guess has gone his birthday he had 2 parties one with friends and the other with family. we just did a water party in the back yard it was pretty fun. it was supposed to rain but it turned out good. so im glad./ he got so spoiled so thank you everyone that supported my little man.

ok so here is our project we have worked our guts out on. Its our yard it is finally coming in nice. i am really proud of it cause we worked really hard on it.

ok so how precious is this pic of gage. he was sleeping like an angel. and then there is brycen mr so full of life in his block toy he is so funny. and gage was trying to get brycen to sleep it was funny didnt work too well

wow 10years all ready how did that happen. well things havent changed much with people from high school

Gage graduated preschool. he is growing so fast! he was so stinken cute at his graduation. he did a great job and i was very proud of him. i love him so much

ok so here is some random stuff brycen with his pants on his head he is a crack up,brycen's first hair cut, he did great not one tear. gage made me that print for mothers day. how sweet is that! t-ball started again which i have some really cute pic's of gage playing ball and my huge bruise that i got from getting lined drived by a softball ouch lol what a dork. when am i going to learn im not as young as i used to be hee hee

So 7 years we have been happily married and still going strong. i feel closer to my husband now then i did when we got married. what is strang to me is that i know a lot more about dusty now than i did when we got married its kinda scarey. lol but i feel very fortunate to have him as my husband we are very compatable. i feel like we balance each other very well. it just seems we grow each year we are together and i am so glad that i have him. i can not complain he really is great. thanks for the great 7 years together, hope there are many more to come. we celebrated by going to dinner at the timbermine and then we went to a movie and up to wolf creek. my parents were so kind to keep our kids. that was very nice of them. so thanks mom and dad for letting us have a grown up night it was a blast.

it was really fun though it was the pussy cat dolls and brittany and the pussy cat dolls really did a great job they actually sang live ha ha but brittany did good but not really a child friendly enviornment but there were tons of little girls. what were their mothers thinking? it was a good people watching place.

Ya i know im a dork! i went the the Brittany Spears concert on a girls night lol