Friday, May 8, 2009

ok so im going to do what brooke did ha ha and tell everyone that i will be posting soon i am such a slacker, but life has been so crazy busy. ill load my pictures and get them on here. ill up date you a little on what has been going on at the munford house! well my baby will be 15months old this month i cant hardly believe it and he is a bundle of joy so full of life and very mischievious. but so cute you cant help but to love him even if he is naughty. gage started t-ball and is going to do kindergarten this year wow that time has gone fast! dusty is just working and doing school, his work has been really slow and they have laid off a ton of people luckily we still have a job we are very thankful for that. me i am also working and work for me is starting to pick back up wich is good and i have been taking some pictures on the side which i love it has always been a passion of mine. it is so fun to be creative but is so much work getting them ready with photoshop and all the fun stuff you can do to them these days, ill have to post some of the pictures i have done so far. but im just starting so dont be too hard on me. but i really do enjoy it and want to get more into it one day, there is a lot to learn and it is a very expensive hobby. i am supper excited for the nice weather i cant wait to play outside with the kids they love to be outside. well i will get my pictures up as soon as i can. hope you are all doing well and happy mother's day to all you mother's