Monday, April 28, 2008

So another week has passed and brycen is 2 months old all ready. we took him to the dr. and he wedighed 11 pds 9 oz i couldnt believe it. he got 5 shots OUCH!! but was so brave he cried then smiled at the nurse what a trooper. gage starts t-ball in a week and is very excited it will be so much fun. he has grown up too fast too. dusty has finals this week and i get to go back to work:( me and dusty just celebrated our 6th anniversary wow that is crazy!6 years gone by and i still love him like the day i married him he is my best friend and im thankful for my little family. we didnt do much since we had the boys and didnt want to leave them he went golfing with his buddies and i went to sylvia browne with my mom and sister it was so much fun she is very interesting. it was good

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

gage was in brycen's car seat what a nerd

just a little smile

Gage in a costume 1 year to small ha ha

i think this pic is funny Brycen thinks his brother is crazy

Brycen just chillen in the chair showing how big he is

Gage the night befor he lost his tooth

me and the boys easter

so gage lost his first tooth yesterday and he looks very cute. about a year ago he fell on our trailer and hit his front tooth. it started to discolor and the other day he had been complaining about it hurting so we decided to take hem to the dentist to have them look at it. they said it had started to abscess and probably needed to come out. so that's what we did they pulled it yesterday and i thought it was going to be horrible and that he would scream his head off. but he was so brave he didn't cry one tear. they put him on laughing gas and he told the Dr that he liked it. he chatted their heads off it was so funny. he is such a big boy and we are proud of him. he looks so cute. but he does say that he wants his tooth back and asks why they took it out. but he is getting used to it.

I'm 6 weeks old and getting very chubby. i am starting to smile a lot and i love my brother. i cant believe how fast the 6 weeks has gone it's not fair my time home with the boys is almost over i go back to work in a few weeks. brycen has been so much fun he is growing so fast and changes every day. i have enjoyed having 2 boys i wish i could sty home with them. just seeing how fast they grow you should really cherish every monent. i do try to just take it all in they are such blessings to me and i couldn't be happier with were i am today.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008