Tuesday, February 24, 2009

here is just some random pics brycen has found a new place to hang out in the entertainment center it is so funny, then he was playing peek a boo and he would put this spoon in his mouth and just let it sit there he is such a funny little guy. and then gage im not sure what he was doing in this pic but he is smiling and looking at me and that is all that matters at this point

happy birthday dust! it was dusy's birthday on the 12th and he is another year older, we didn't get to do much for his bday cause both our kids had the flu so i brought home olive garden and we pretty much just hung out. it was ok but im sure he would have liked to go out. but i hope he had a good birthday he got spoiled.

we went to the harlem globetrotters with our friends brooke and aaron and gages buddy dax. i think they had fun it took gage a min to warm up to everything he was pretty mean for a while but he loved it he would not let me take any pics of him i only got like 2 good ones i hate that. then theres dax cheesing away at me. lol but all in all it was fun and different not to have to take the baby thanks mom and dad and thanks brooke and aaron for asking.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

so here it is dusty always makes fun of me and tells me im a blogger and that thats all i do. which is false as we all know i am a slacker but he makes fun of me and then asked me if i put these pics on here. so he likes it i know it. anyways these are pics of the sugar bowl we had a little party it was fun. the funniest thing ever was when gage and some of his little friends were playing and gage said ok lets play football ill be the utes and you be the byu's so they played for a min then the little girl said ok lets switch ill be the utes and your the byu's gage started to cry and was like mommy she called me the byu's i hate the byu's oh my gosh it was so funny i have never laughed so hard, he was broken hearted that she called him that sorry all you byu fans he comes by it natuarlly. :)

i just think sunset's are so pretty i wish the house wasnt there but it still looks really pretty. and it was cool cause there was this blanket of clouds.

i have always enjoyed photography. for most of you who know me i always have a camera in my hand. i know deep down you all love it too. but i thought you guys might enjoy some of my pic that i like to think i get creative with so every once in a while i will post things on my blog that i think you will enjoy. i would love to have some thought on it too. i am taking a bunch of photography classes and would eventually like to branch off and do my own thing so i might need my friends for practice. anyways hope you enjoy some of these pics

i just thought these pics were cute

gage having fun in the snow. man look at that hair haha