Wednesday, February 4, 2009

so here it is dusty always makes fun of me and tells me im a blogger and that thats all i do. which is false as we all know i am a slacker but he makes fun of me and then asked me if i put these pics on here. so he likes it i know it. anyways these are pics of the sugar bowl we had a little party it was fun. the funniest thing ever was when gage and some of his little friends were playing and gage said ok lets play football ill be the utes and you be the byu's so they played for a min then the little girl said ok lets switch ill be the utes and your the byu's gage started to cry and was like mommy she called me the byu's i hate the byu's oh my gosh it was so funny i have never laughed so hard, he was broken hearted that she called him that sorry all you byu fans he comes by it natuarlly. :)


Jenny said...

Umm I think I was suppost to be invited to that party! Ohh wait I must not be cool enough! He He looks like you had fun!